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Operating time of accu more then worse, no cause found


since 4 weeks, my iphone 6 is empty after half a day, without changing anything like software, apps or daily usage.

I already replaced the battery 4 times (!), but the problem is still the same. Also i tried to make complete new software installation without any apps, music, etc. No help. after approx 8hrs the accu is empty.

3 month ago i replaced the wlan antenna due to connection problems and everything was fine again.

The problem started from one to the other day without obvious indications.

Does anyone has an idea? I finished all trubleshooting inc checking again all connections i'd ever touched.

thx for help



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Hello ! Did your problem start when you upgraded to iOS 10 ?


No, it didn't Start with ios10, but three weeks earlier...

I hoped, to get it better with it, but it didn't


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Are all 5 screws that hold the metal plate over the connectors from LCD to board/pcb in the right position? Put all screws out and remove plate..test if battery drains again..

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I tried to check it. All screws are installed on the correct positions. After reassembly with 40% battery i had to take two picture. After the second one handy switched off. Its now dead. No power connection or reset helps.

The battery is now installed since one week, and nothing had changed. Longest stby was 6 hrs without touching it.


One thing you can test is to read data from battery..i use a freeware called "ibackupbot for itunes", but does not work with ios need 9.3.5 or earlier..

look at the last picture..everywhere should be true , only fully charged "false" if battery is not 100%

Good luck


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