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The Garmin Vivoactive is a GPS smartwatch that includes sports apps for tracking activities, notifications, calories, and sleep. This watch incorporates features for both active and working environments.

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broken face cover on my Garmin Vivoactive

I have fallen whilst wearing my Garmin Vivoactive and smashed the glass face cover.

The product itself is still working..

Is it possible to have the face cover replaced and if so , where do I send it and approximately the cost?

Thanks Joanna

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I am interested in finding out from where I can get a replacement glass, not how everyone else has the same problem and how they broke theirs. I'm especially not interested in people wrapped in cotton wool who tell us that with reasonable use it will last a long time. Most sports are done on hard surfaces or involve hard equipment that when glass comes into contact with it at high speed will cause the glass to break.

So to reiterate the question, does anyone know of a repair services for the Vivoactive glass.

Just as helpful would be the answer to the question - Where can I get a replacement glass?

Apparently, I need more credibility rather than comment sense to vote the answer below is a chocolate teapot.


From my experiences with Garmin, their warranty WILL NOT cover the usual wear and tear, such as falling or if you put the device on a counter and it falls, causing the screen to shatter. They want you to send it in and pay a fee of $130 to get a new one and they cannot state that the same thing won’t happen again, just as easily. This is too bad given their reputation for navigation. A sports device should at least tolerate usual wear and tear, plus the potential impacts associated with the sports its made for! If you can’t back that, then you probably don’t have a good product.


I called them and they said it will cost me$280 to get the cracked glass replaced. I told them I can buy a new one for that much.

Absolutely ridiculous.


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Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to replace the LCD/Touchscreen.

Garmin Vivoactive Display Unit Replacement

Here is a link to an LCD/Touchscreen for your watch

Here is a link that shows how much Garmin charges to do a repair, scroll down the Select a consumer product box and select Vivoactive. I'm not sure if this covers everything or is only the labour cost. You may wish to verify this if you choose this option.

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This answer only goes as far as showing you how to pull the screen off of your Garmin. Nothing about where to get a replacement unit or how to glue it down.


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