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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ALCATEL.

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Is It Bricked? What Can I Do?

My Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2 Phone has worked for a while now and all I had ever used it for was for music and games. When I had plugged the phone into my HP laptop, it didn't recognize my phone for the first time and asked me to format the drive. I thought it was only going to format the SD card that was in the phone, but I believe that it formatted the whole phone and erased the entire system and files that the phone was running on. I'm not sure if the phone is now bricked because when I plug it into my HP laptop again, it scans and then it'll stop scanning. This will happen over and over again as long as the phone is plugged in. It also won't turn on at all and nothing will happen when I try to do a hard reset or try to unlock the bootloader. Its as if its back to its original state before all the programs for it to run haven't been programmed yet. Is there anything that I can do?

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This is the 4th time posting for the same issue.


I know and no one has given me a straight answer.


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This requires installing a custom system, You bricked your phone.

Google "How to fix a bricked phone", there are many ways. there are also youtube videos showing how

It is risky business

Its difficult to do though and requires some experience, You need Custom Recovery, System, Drivers, etc

Be careful when formatting a phone. only use the internal data wipe functions.

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Go into bootloader and do a factory reset. if you dont know how to get to bootloader just google it for your phone.

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thats the thing, i have tried to get the bootloader function to work but it just wont.


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