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Power adapter broke off inside power source

As descriptive as I can be...

The needle inside the power adapter plug broke off inside the charging source on the computer.

Are there any recommended ways I can get this out without disassembling the entire laptop?

I fear not of doing so, but I have not done it before and would like an alternative.

Thanks in advance!

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You really can't fix it without opening it. You may be able to remove the broken tip once you take the DC-IN board out. On some of these you can pull the center bracket on the back of the DC-IN port out enough to use tweezers on small needle nose pliers to grasp the broken tip. Look in the battery compartment for your exact machine and we can lead you to the correct repair guide to do this. And the part if you can't get the tip out.


Here's how to get to the DC-IN board:

iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz DC-In Board Replacement

Here's the part: [bağlı ürün eksik veya kapalı: IF183-030]

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its the 12" 1.33Ghz.


good answer +


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Just discovered the simplest solution. If you can disassemble the laptop and use a toothpick yo push the tip out, why not push it in! Pushed it in with a toothpick on my wife's comp., plugged in the new adapter and ready to go. Whohoo no need to take the dam thing apart and its charging!

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The toothpick thing didn't work for me, but I did the step by step repair and it worked fine. New adapter charges the battery just fine, but now my hard drive is acting weird. Booted up once in 20 tries. The Tiger disk sees something on the ATA sometimes, but no drive size or anything. Any ideas what I messed up?

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