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iBook 12'" G4 1.33GHz normal operating temps?

I just snapped up an iBook 1.33 on Ebay and have started to check it out. The seller

warned in the auction that it's prone to random freezes and it's true. It has 10.5

on it and I just installed the iStat shareware to check the temps. This is what I get:

  • Battery----- 86
  • CPU Bottom-- 129
  • CPU Bottom-- 135
  • Mem/Power--- 123
  • HDD--------- 124
  • Fan (rear)-- 0 rpm (Yikes!)

Even to a neophyte such as me these temps are too high and the fan not cooling

but before I order a fan I was wondering:

  • [1] if there is a way to force the fan to run just to make sure it's broken. I'll be popping off the cover tonight to make sure the connections are plugged in.
  • [2] Also, semi-related...if I upgrade a 1.2GHz iBook (which I also have, as well as a G3 800 and G4 800) to 10.5 will it overtax the hardware? I hadn't planned on it but then I could compare temps as iStat is 10.5 dependent.
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I'm going to accept the answer and close this question since it's obvious even to me that fan and temp issues are not what I'm dealing with. I'll pursue help with a new and better targeted question after I check a few things out. Thanks for the help Mayer :)


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Your operating temperatures seem to be in lines with others:

If you're still worrie about it, get SmcFanControl software here:

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Thanks, Mayer. Unfortunately SMCFanControl (like all

the others that allow access to the fan)is just for intel Macs. Mine is PPC :( Even in the iStat program the fan temp adjutment is greyed out.

I was hoping there was some kind of trick to making the fan

run (short of holding a match to the sensor (j/k).

Also, although the temps seem to match the forum posters that you linked, when I run this 1.33 iBook it gets

VERY HOT to the touch, unlike my other iBooks.

It seems especially bad after running HDD related tasks such as during OS install and long updates

to the system. I ran the disk utility and it likes the HDD fine, though.

I'm still somewhat new to Macs so I was hoping there

was some kind of command line prompt to make the fan



SMC fan control has been around a very long time. You may need to get an older version. Try version 1.2.3 here:

You can go back further here:


research +


Thanks again. Right now the iBook is freezing before I can browse the links so I'm suspecting that I have either a bad logic board or bad HDD. I've already tried several things such as reseting PMU, reinstalling the OS (10.5), holding down the power button until I get the tone w/ flashing sleep light (which seems to be accompanied by the fan coming on...) and booting in target mode using my other iBook. Odd thing is when I boot the 1.2 book using the ailing 1.33 as drive I can run indefinitely and

the same when I boot the 1.33 using the 1.2 as target. It's only when I boot the 1.33 by itself that it freezes. I'm thinking about swapping the drives (and maybe the fans too) and seeing if the

problem stays or jumps to the other Mac. I'm

just not up to fiddling w/ ALL THOSE LITTLE SCREWS tonight...Maybe Tomorrow.


I should mention that the 'freeze' I get is the grey box

telling me to shut off my computer. Is this the same as 'Kernal Panic'? I decided to see what would happen if I installed Ubuntu for Mac (I really didn't feel like opening the ibook last night) and afterwards I had no freezes at all during the several hours I ran it. This morning I took it one step further and installed 10.4 and am now updating it. Is it possible that 1.33GHz and 512 Ram is not enough to run 10.5? Or maybe my install media is bad (despite passing the verification step). Time will tell. I'll report back about how I fare.


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