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Mart 2016'da Samsung tarafından yayımlanmıştır. Model SM-G930V.

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Bloated battery after the phone dropped

Dear friends,

Today I recieved a Samsung Glaxy s7 with a swollen/bloated battery. He said it happend after he dropped the phone. They tried to put a new battery in, but the phone still didn't powered on. Do you guys have any solutions?

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Question, statement and (hopefully) a solution:

Question: Who is "they?"

Statement: The most likely reason for bad batteries is because a small piece of foil ruptures with shock and causes the two electrodes of the battery to touch, overheat, and create problems (i.e. exploding).

Solution: Unless you're really comfortable working with at-risk lithium batteries, I wouldn't work with it, and would carefully dispose of the battery properly. If the battery bends a fraction of a millimeter too much, you could rupture that same small piece of foil and start a chemical fire or explosion. This problem was only intensified with the S7 Edge as that foil simply failed too easily. You can get a new battery from a reputable brand like iFixit and use their replacement guides. You may need to also replace the screen adhesive.

Galaxy S7 Replacement Battery

Galaxy S7 Replacement Battery Resmi


Galaxy S7 Replacement Battery


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They = another repair guy. He said that they tried a new battery but it didn't worked. However I don't even believe they even tried to remove the battery.


Also screen adhesive? The phone it's back is opened I will add some pictures


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This is what the phone looks like atm

Block Image

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Do you think it's too dangerous to replace the battery @skimmilk05 ?


Can someone help me?


Again, if you feel comfortable doing it, and think you can do it SAFELY, then it's your choice, but I can't gauge your abilities or comfort level dealing with these things. Personally, I'd go for it in a safe environment (i.e. outside with a fire extinguisher) if it were my phone, otherwise I'd go to Samsung (say if it were someone elses). I'm not too comfortable with damaged batteries.


I tell you the whole story I know right now. He bought the phone, he dropped the phone. Someone else repaired it, battery was swolen. Went to another store, phone didn't turned one anymore/didn't charged anymore. I think it also could be the charging port


It also went to Samsung they refused to repair it, rediculous isn't it?


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