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speaker and voice recorder is grayed (not active)

hi somebody bring me i phone with broken LCD after changed

i see when make calls speaker icon is grayed (not active) even sound recorder too i cant record any thing its not active to press it what to do ???

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thanks for reply the loud speaker became grayed when call

and when try use siri and hey siri its passed without specking u can say its finished test sound without say hey siri

i tried to disconnect the flex of (front camera and light sensor and ear sound )same

even i tried to disconnect the charge base flex cable same

i make restore with i tunes with final ios same same


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So you're saying that you can only use loud speaker and not the earphone speaker at the top? The iPhone 6 has 3 different microphones, one on the bottom, one next to the camera on the screen and one next to the back camera.. I know siri uses the front mic. Try using siri and see if it understands you, also try taking a front facing video and see if you can hear anything back in the video.. If not then it sounds like whoever replaced the screen didn't install the front camera, prox sensor and mic flex cable or it may be damaged which would explain why sound recorder wouldn't work. It may also just be a software issue. Have you tried restoring it with iTunes?

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