Inner screen and keyboard don't work

I've got Powerbook G4 12", that works normally with the external screen - but inner screen shows nothing. Inner screen is checked - and fully working. Powerbook starts, chimes, then screen flickers a bit - but stays black. I though, that it's hall effect sensor - but I checked it, DC-DC Board - everything works fine.

Suddenly I checked system properties - and found out, that it thinks that notebook is closed.

Also I found out, that inner keyboard worked fine, but is not working anymore - with screen at once. Keyboard is 100% working - I checked it on the other logic board.

I already compared this logic board with working one - but found nothing. I think that some single little part is shorted or out of order - but I can't find anything. What is needed to be checked first?

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Here's how to install your Hall Effect Sensor: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Hall Effect Sensor Replacement

Here's the part you need to replace: G4 Aluminum 12" Hall Effect Sensor

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I've wrote, that hall effect sensor is checked and works fine on other Powerbook.


I replaced DC-DC board and Hall Effect sensor - and situation is the same. I want to find out, what component on logic board is responsible for this behavior - and replace it.


Does it still think that the unit is closed?


OK, I'll try to explain current situation once more time: I took out my logic board and placed fully working DC-DC board and Hall Effect sensor on it. Powerbook boots into OS X, I can see it on external screen. It is still written, that it's closed in system properties. Inner screen and keyboard still don't work, all of these parts 100% work on other same Powerbook.

The only suggestion is that I made something with logic board - shorted some element of cracked it. I can't say it with sure, because I was careful - and don't remember any problems. Anyway, I want to find what component on logic board is responsible for "closed lid" and to replace it. I'm searching for PB G4 DVI datasheet over internet for two weeks, but still've got nothing. Only thing, that I found - is the Service Manual with How-To-Disassemble-And-What-To-Change-If... :(

I'm sure, that my problem is stupid and silly - and I can fix it with a solder iron in two minutes... if I knew what to solder :)


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