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Also known as EOS 600D and released in March 2011, this camera can be identified by its SKU (SKU:5169BO32). This camera is a Canon Digital SLR with 18 megapixels.

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Why wont my built in flash won't work.

Error 5, turn power off and on. Just makes clicking noise and will not open.

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Thank you soooo much. I had some tell me they would fix it for $200.00


Canon T3i pop up flash STOP firing?


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rpfaff, Error 5 means flash error.

Place thumb on rear left hand side of popup flash and apply light pressure to manual assist in it to open.

Now press the manual flash popup button and providing you still have pressure on the rear left hand side of the popup, it should lift, if not try wiggling flash gently while assisting it to open with thumb and index finger, while depressing popup button. When open you can give it a thorough cleaning around the flash body and the cavity it rest in with isopropyl alcohol dampened Q tip/cloth and blow out dust in the tiny release lever holes with canned dry air. Try flash, if still not operating check links below to see flash hinge screw removal, clean and lubricate,(lubricate very lightly).

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