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The wi-fi only version of Apple's iPad Air, model number A1474. Available in Space Gray or Silver, it packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Left corner not working after touch replacement?


Recently i repaired an ipad air(changed the touch glass) and now the ipad touch is not working in the left down corner. Sometimes it start working and then it stops again. The non working area is 2x 2 cm. I tried like 5 glasses and all have the same problem. What should be the solution? Is the lcd damaged or what?

Update (11/14/2016)

Block Image

Everything seems ok? Still didnt fix it, dont know what to do.

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Does the digitiser connector look ok? Did this have any signs of liquid damage? Did you insulate the new digitiser, to make sure that isn't causing touch issues? The LCD wouldn't affect this as far as I know, since it only controls the picture and doesn't interact with the touchscreen at all.


I made a photo of the connectors. I think everyhting look fine


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The LCD has nothing to do with the touchscreen. Check for any damage to the connector on the motherboard. Try another screen from another supplier and see if that helps, thinking you got some bad screens.

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