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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Why isn't it turning over?

Just had a tune up. Starter is engaging, but not turning over. Has a non-factory fuel pump. Started yesterday, with a very difficult time getting going. It took about 5 minutes of pumping the gas while trying to start. Finally got going and runs fine once the fuel is moving. But last night it wouldn't turn over at all. Is this a fuel pump thing?

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@patrickg it will help if you tell us exactly what year, model and engine your Toyota is/has. If it does not "turn over" then you are having a starter/power issue. I'd see if it turns over better with either a replacement battery or a boost. Make sure that the battery cables are not corroded and that your engine gets proper ground. Not turning over is not a fuel pump issue.Let us know what you find.

Update (11/12/2016)

@patrickg I am sure you already checked some of that stuff just making sure we are not repeating things you already did.

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It's an 88 4x4 with a 22re 4 cylinder.

Power is getting to the starter and the starter is engaging and chugging into action. It's the following reving into life of the engine that's not happening. I've had a starter problem before on previous cars, where it sometimes engages, but usually just makes a clicking sound.


Since I bought it a couple weeks ago, it's often slow to start when cold, this problem seems to be just an exacerbation of that.


Does it turn over slowly when it is cold? You checked your battery? Could be the starter drawing to many amps....


I don't think the turn over seems slow when cold- it doesn't have that slow chugging sound I think of as the starter/battery issue. Turning the key elicits te normal sound- but when it's cold it only will get going with significant pumping of the gas.


Okay so it cranks over okay just does not start right away? does it start okay when it is warm/warmed up. Could be the start injector time switch and the cold start injector.


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Patrick, I am assuming it is a gas engine? I take it, you are saying the engine cranks but does not start. Next time it does not start right up, give it a squirt of starting fluid or gas directly in the throttle body. If it fires right up then it is definitely a fuel issue. Check for pinched/collapsed fuel lines, fuel filter clogged and if all looks good it is probably a faulty pump. I have had new pumps faulty out of the box, especially the cheap ones. If you have access to a fuel pressure gage you can check the pump for appropriate pressure. Also check to see if you are getting any trouble codes which can aide in diagnosing. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Yes thanks, I'll check all that.


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