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Released in December 2009, model number PCG-61411L. Comes in Pink, White, and other assorted colors.

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Why can I not hear any sound while I have headphones inserted?

Whenever I plug headphones into my audio jack, I do not hear any sound. The headphones are practically brand new, and I know that there is no short with them, what do I need to do?

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It sounds like there might be a problem with your audio jack. Be sure to check and see if the sound on your computer is muted or if there is a button on your headphones that could mute the audio.

If that is not the solution, then you might need to replace your audio jack.

Check the Sony Vaio VPCW21FX troubleshooting page to see if you can find an additional solution there.

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Did u just upgraded to Win 10? After i upgraded to win 10 with my Vpceh25en, the audio doesn't shift to headphones once you plug them in, it continues playing through speakers. you have to manually change the sound output to headphones and vice versa.

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