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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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Overheating alert, don't know why - NEED HELP ASAP!

Dear friends,

I got a custommer, bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Dropped the phone.

A company replaced the screen and told the battery was swollen up.

Another company tried to fix it, didn't work out.

I replaced the battery, phone works but like after 10 sec the phone gives a overheating alert but the battery is cold to the touch.

I have no idea how this can happen and I want to fix this.

Please help me I don't have any knowledge about Samsungs.

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So to give some more information.

The wireless charging pad is getting a little bit warm at the top but not like really warm.

I can't open any apps because it says the phone is overheating.

Please help, I really need help ASAP!


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Overheating + swollen battery = DO NOT USE THAT PHONE!!!

Chances are the drop damaged part of the charging system on the phone. Does the phone show an accurate battery % before it dies out? I'm guessing that the phone isn't regulating the current to the battery like it should be, sending too much current to the battery, causing the battery to overheat, causing the battery to swell and sending the phone into protection mode.

I tried looking it up for you but none of the tools I use have the S7 or Edge in them yet, so I can't tell you exactly where to look. But please, whatever you do; DO NOT USE THAT PHONE!

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So, should I disconnect the battery?


Little update:

I start the device everything normal.

I unlock it, still normal.

The warning shows up, battery with triangle + !

I don't feel any heat.

Also this client waits already like a month, he has another phone too but he really likes to use this phone again.

What now? What can I tell him? Wait another month? What should you do? I'm his last hope, he told me that.


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Sounds like something is shorting out. Either that or IT'S NOTE 7 ALL OVER AGAIN

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So, is it an idea to factory reset the phone? Will this make the overheating warning stop? I think it's just a glitch/bugg in the system because the phone doesn't gets hot.

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factory reset would be a very good idea. Then throw it on a charger for a while, at least a few hours, trying to get it to act up again. If it does, then its probably a fuse/filter or power IC. If not...ship it!


Hey Josh, thanks for all the help!

When I wanted to factory reset the device, I noticed that the overheating alert didn't came. So I decided to wait. It didn't came anymore and I started to drain the battery below 10%. It's charging rightnow and it's doing fine.

I think the phone kinda 'accepted' the battery so it doesn't gives the alert anymore.

I'm very happy this thing works again and my customer is happy too!

Thanks again for all the help!


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Will it be a software issue? Like the temperture is too low that can't charge?

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My phone is hot I got a galaxy note 5 I uninstalled all apps and closed all Windows Its just hot for no apparental reason. HELP!!

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had same issue. I made sure the thermal cover was on good over tha battery compartment and the problem went away.


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