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Where can I find a home button flex cable? iPhone 6s Plus

I have scoured the interwebs for this replacement part and cannot find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm looking for the home button flex cable ribbon. It's the longer piece that runs up the back of the screen. In other words, it's not the piece that's attached to the home button, it's the piece that attaches to the home button assembly. I've attached a photo to clarify.

I can find the part for the 6 plus but it sounds like it's not compatible with the 6s plus. Maybe that's wrong?


Block Image

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That's what I thought too, I disassembled it only to learn that it wasn't part of the kit. The one that I got anyway


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It appears that the home button flex extension is part of the backlight and not the backplate, which would explain why it is not available separately. Perhaps a glass-only expert can chime in here.

You don't explain why you are looking for this part. Did you tear the flex or are you refurbing screens? I don't know for certain if the flex can be extracted from the parts below but depending on what you want to do it may suit your purposes.

Here are some links that you can follow.

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I'm pretty sure the home button extension cable is assembled together with the screen.

Buy a new 6s screen and you will see the home button extension cable is part of the screen assembly.

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The 6s plus home button cable is part of the LCD assembly. The home button connects to the cable that runs up the screen and connects to another cable at the top of the screen. From there that second cable connects it to the logic board.

You can see how it all fits together in this guide and by looking at the separate parts.

iPhone 6s Plus Teardown

Home Button:

iPhone 6s Plus Home Button Assembly

LCD Assembly:

[bağlı ürün eksik veya kapalı: IF315-033-3]

iPhone 6s Plus Home Button Assembly Görseli


iPhone 6s Plus Home Button Assembly


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So are you saying that this part is only available with a new screen assembly kit? I got the kit as a gift, it was made by urepair and didn't include the back plate (which the cable is attached to) so the only cable I have is the original. You'd think this part is available somewhere since it is for all the other models. At this point I might just try buying the part for a 6 plus and hope it's compatible with my 6s plus. I read that it isn't but that doesn't mean it's accurate lol


No don't try that it will not work. Every 6s screen comes with a home button extension cable assembled together. (6+ home button extension cable will not physically fit).


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