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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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iPod won't charge and is acting funny

For some reason, whenever I try to charge my iPod touch, the charge icon won't come up, it'll go from half to power to red in less than 30 seconds, will die, then repeat when I try to charge it again. I've tried restarting my iPod and even blew in the charging part thing, but nothing is working. My last resort is getting a new iPod because if have precious pictures on this current one. Any advice?

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If the iPod is taking forever to spring to life when on charge, then once charged the battery depleted quickly or has a rapid jump down in battery percentage this is a classic sign that your battery needs replacing. You'll find a guide on how to do this on this site and replacement batteries are readily available online.

Hope this helps.

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Try taking a small needle and cleaning out the bottom of the charge port sometimes lint from your pocket builds up in the port and gets packed in more and more until it cant fully connect and charge anymore i've had this issue twice with the new lightning plug

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