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The Gateway ML6720 laptop is a multi-purpose notebook, with a T2310 Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM, 15.4" UltraBright display and GMA X3100 graphics.

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What may be causing my keyboard not to work correctly?

My keyboard isn’t always responsive to me while I am trying to type. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and i have to power off and on my laptop, which sometimes momentarily fixes the problem. And at other times it only works for certain keys while I am typing or it types everything I put it but only after a few seconds delay. This is very difficult to deal with because I’m just trying to get some schoolwork done. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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A: Hello, sorry to hear about your keyboard giving you trouble. What you are experiencing sounds like an error with software. If you are able to safely restore your computer back to factory setting and are still experiencing problems with your keyboard, I suggest it is time to open it up and see if the internals are properly and securely connected. Review the replacement guide for the keyboard and and locate the keyboards connector ribbon under the keyboards bezel. Confirm that the connectors are all properly seated. If the keyboard problem still is occurring it is time to replace the old keyboard due to it most likely being faulty. Hopefully this information is useful to you and good luck!

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