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Stuck in DFU mode

son dropped his iPhone 6s, cracking the screen protector, and the screen. I just replaced the screen using the ifixit complete kit, and the original home button. Could not get the phone to power up. Downloaded newest iTunes and connected phone. iTunes believes phone is in DFU mode. Attempting to restore generates error 9. I have switched cables, and even using the Apple cable generates the same error.

During restore attempt, apple logo and progress bar appear on phone screen.

Holding power and home button then releasing and pressing power button does nothing.

Any help appreciated.

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Use Reiboot it will get you out of DFU mode with a just one click Get it here

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If this does not work OP unplug the battery and then keep the home button extension cable and front camera cable unplugged. It should still be in DFU mode when you attempt to turn it on (DFU mode is usually a black turned on screen probably it's a bit hard to tell).

Try restoring it and see if it succeeds. If it does then it's either the front camera ribbon cable is damaged or the home button extension cable / home button cable being damaged.


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