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MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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Don't power on (very strange!)

Hello, a friend of mine gave me this unibody, the first one (late 2008) telling me it doesn't power on.

When i got it it started normally, i saw there where some screw missing, any way it worked fine, till one day o opend it and after close it wonted to start.

Battery charged and magsafe led on, but nothing else.

So i tried to open it back and try to put things better (cable, screws).

It worked for months till yesterday when i removed tha battery for register the trackpad screw, i put the battery back and close, and now it won't power on again.

Please help! -_-

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Get board view software for your particular board and check voltage on C7771. If it is around 0.3v, you need to replace the capacitor, it should be 1.05v.

Common problem on this model, charger light will still work fine even with this issue. Replace it with a polymer capacitor (it is larger, so you have to rest it on another chip and run a wire to ground) to ensure the issue will not occur again.

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I'm gonna check with this software. But you think its normal last time it wont power but After some trying it powered?


When this capacitor fails, it can be very intermittent beforehand (sometimes booting, sometimes not). It will temporarily fix itself if you heat the capacitor a bit, but obviously the only solution is to replace it


Today i tried to open the macbook and check again, i can't belive it, after close it started. -_-

I didn't heat swear!


Haha that's fine, there is a good chance it will fail again though (this issue can be intermittent when it starts to fail), so if it fails again, you know where to look :)


It's not strange to you, that this thing is happened always after i opened the mac?

I mean, never had this problem using it every day.


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