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Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including the iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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where's the tunes

We recently replaced hard drive in my intel Mac. We can't seem to transfer songs or retrieve songs from ipod to transfer to new Ipod touch. Is there something lost when the HD goes down? What should I do? Followed all Apples procedures still nothing.


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When you replace a hard drive, it's as if you have a new computer, all your old files are gone. To take songs off your iPod, use a tool such as iRip.

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I loaded irip but it's not allowing me to copy the serial number from the email to activate it.I don't know if there is a prob with snow leopard. I hand type in the name and serial number and still nothing.

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Make sure you're doing it correctly, such as in no spaces where they shouldn't be, correct name as registered, etc.


however there are also some free ways to rip music off an iPod you could try


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