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Why my refrigerator stops working and not getting ON again.

I had a refrigerator whose specifications are as belows

Make : Videocon

Capacity : 180 litres

Supply : 230V, 50 Hz Ac

date of purchase : 2 apr 2007

As soon as i start supply of my refrigerator it switches ON and after almost 4-5 minutes it switch OFF again and doesn't switch ON again. During the ON period (4-5 min) it does not have cooling effect.

Please tell me the possible causes of fault.


Shaikh Sohail



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Thermostat know is set properly.

The compressor starts running when i turned ON the power and after 4-5 minutes the compressor stops and the refrigerator also stops. And now if i unplug the supply and again connect (switch ON) then same thing happens.Compressor gets start for some time and again gets OFF.


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Is the thermostat knob turned to the proper setting? If not, reset it.

Next, see if the compressor motor is running

The compressor is a football-sized case with no apparent moving parts. It's on the outside of the refrigerator at the back near the bottom. If it is humming or making a continuous noise and your refrigerator is still not cooling, there may be a more serious problem with one or more of several different components, I recommend contacting a qualified appliance repair technician for further help.

If you can give a more detailed description of the problem I might be able to give you a better answer.

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