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The Gateway ML6720 laptop is a multi-purpose notebook, with a T2310 Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM, 15.4" UltraBright display and GMA X3100 graphics.

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Why does my CD not work in my laptop's disk drive?

Whenever I insert a disc inside of my laptop's disc drive it isn't working properly. Either the disc is inserted and will not spin at all, or the disc is inserted and as it's trying to spin it skips around and sounds very weird while doing so. Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue? Thanks!

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My best suggestion for fixing your issue with the disc drive is to remove the disc drive from the laptop. (You can use our repair guide for this disassembly.) Once the disc drive is removed I suggest trying to clean out the inside as maybe something may be dirty or dusty inside. If this doesn't work I may suggest even further repair with buying a whole new disc drive as a part replacement. Hope this helps!

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