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4.7" Motorola smartphone released in 2012. Identified by model number XT926.

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My mobile won't turn on. The red M just looks like it's booting up.

The red M looks like it used to look when it was working. It's as if it's stuck in a loop. It turns on or off whenever the battery dies. The memory is full ( internal ) so I purchased an SD card but didn't know how to transfer files and pics so never used it.

Should I just chuck it out or is it repairable?

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Hi George.

It's a sealed unit. I can't get the battery out. I suppose I'll just smash it then chuck it out.

Thanks for your reply.



Mine would go past the M to a loading screen then hang forever. I had to do a factory reset. Then it worked much better. If you can get it to load you should be able to transfer apps and photos (etc.) to an SD card. It will probably be painfully slow until that is done.


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Try taking out the battery and then plug it in to USB port.

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