Won't power on but would drain the battery

I am hoping some of you might have a better idea than the "genius" that I talked to on apple support. After installing windows 10 on sierra beta when it came out (5 months ago) my mac has been acting completely strange. It worked perfectly fine until I shut it down. Once I shut it down it wouldn't turn on no matter what I try to do. I had tried all kinds of reset and everything to no avail. So I just let it sit and finally after the battery got drained completely so a couple of months later! It again turned on when connected to power and to my surprise everything worked I even updated it to the latest software update that I could see. Worked great for a day and even restarts worked no matter how many times I restarted it worked like there were no issues. And then I had the genius idea to shut down and boom same problem. Now it seems completely dead just like before but I can still see that the battery is getting drained because after putting it in upright position the charger goes from green to ember showing its charging until it completely charges.

As this happened right after installing windows 10 dual boot I am inclined to believe this was a software issue possibly with sierra beta but what do you think could be the issue here?

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