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The third generation of the Apple iPad, released on March 16, 2012. Full 4G and Wi-Fi model repair guides. Repairs require heat and careful prying. Model numbers: A1416, A1430, and A1403.

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Can I fix the small pins that connect everything

So I tried to change the iPad screen. I was pulling out the lcd cable and the old screen cable at their connection points, but I didn't realized they slid out. I started peeling away all the the tiny small pins away and i think i ruined it. Can this be fixed?

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It can be fixed but not easily and takes time.

I'm guessing some pads that hold the soldered pins for the ZIF connectors have gone missing after being ripped off.

It can be fixed but sometimes it requires jumper wiring some of the pins if the pads / traces on the board are missing to those pins.

I recommend taking it to a person that does micro soldering / board repairs for iPad.

Not an easy or cheap fix as the connector would need to be replaced using a soldering iron / hot air rework station / microscope and etc.

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