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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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Is it a burnt LCD and is there a solution?

I have several S6 Edge phones that seems like it was used as a demo phone in stores.

The same words and page is stained when it is turned on. Is it a burnt LCD problem?

What are my options to fix it and what is the cheapest way to fix it?

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Unfortunately AMOLED displays are known to do this and are susceptible to it, and there isn't a fix besides replacing the displays themselves, it's known as screen burn-in.

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Thank you! I wanted to know what you call it. When you said "replacing the displays," do you mean the whole screen and LCD?


Yes, the entire screen/AMOLED, but it's too costly so wouldn't be worth it.


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Question is not clear enough to answer, anyway demo units comes with limited hardware and specially customized demo software. even demo units doesn't have radio network access baseband chip|Modem to access the radio networks such as 2G,3G,4G. you can only able to use WiFi. spending money to fix demo unit doesn't make any sense

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Good to know! Thank you.


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