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The second generation Moto X (marketed as moto X) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility. Released on September 5, 2014, it is the successor to the original Moto X released in 2013. Model numbers XT1097, XT1096, XT1095, and XT 1093.

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Moto X2 shows green led light and wont turn on

I tried switching on my Moto X after 3 months. I plugged on a charger and it showed a green led burning for 5 seconds and the screen flashed with empty battery symbol. I let it charge for a couple of hours and tried it again only to see the same process repeating.

I understand that this is a dead battery situation and the green led indicates that. How do I come out of this ?

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i just connect to pc, and then press in my moto "vol-" for a few seconds (fastboot mode) and then just wait two hours.

restart your phone and simply charge

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