JBL Headphones light up when charging, but when try to turn on, NADA

I got a pair of these headphones in an auction lot, wasn't sure what they were, as they were an afterthought in the auction, but upon receiving them, I learned that they are of high quality, and worth a darn.

I've been seeking a solution or a way to repair these. They're in fantastic shape, I mean, they don't look like they've ever warmed to an ear at all. They're perfect....

So can anyone advise me as to what steps to troubleshoot, guide to repair, etc? They're really nice....I hate to just toss them, and I'm pretty handy with the steel...if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance...

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If you try to turn it on while it's plugged in, does it attempt to power up at all?


When it's plugged in, it lights up red. When I attempt to turn it on, I get nada.

Thanks for replying!


Well, the bad news is I can't find any sort of schematics or breakdowns of your particular headphone. I did find a video tear down of another pair of JBL bluetooth headphones, and I put the link below. I'm taking a gamble that JBL uses the same general design for most of their headphones. I would recommend taking it apart and checking the battery. I can't locate any battery info, so hopefully it is labeled. On most over-ear headphones the ear cups just pop off to reveal screws. Be careful with the delicate wires, because you don't want to fix those too.



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