replaced home button still doesn't work!

Replaced home button and still not working!

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What is the make and model number of your DVD player?

Not quite sure what you are asking as most DVD players do not have a "home" button.


Computer DVD player yes it does have a home button!



What is the make and model number of your PC and what OS is installed?

You never mentioned in your original question that it was a computer dvd drive unit, if that is now what you mean. you only said that the home button didn't work.

If you look at the picture next to the question you asked on this page, as I had to because you didn't supply any other relevant information, it shows a stand alone DVD player not a computer DVD drive. That is why I asked what I did.

Also I did ask for a make and model number of your player in my first comment, so that I could help you further.

By "home button" do you mean the eject button that opens and closes the disk tray?


A home button on a drive? Where is it located, and is it digital or a physical button?


It's located on the far left side digital button toshiba laptop.


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