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Where can I buy the LED backlight power cable

Where can I buy the LED backlight power cable ?

The one from step 6 in this article: iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2389 Display Replacement. Cant find in anywhere no web.


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You are certain, or course, that the Display was you problem? Would hurt to ask.


yes the cable is damaged


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Sadly, the cable is not available as a separate part. Depending on what happened you may need to try to splice the cable back together or replace the complete display unit Ouch!

  • 21.5” LCD Panel - 661-5536

Here's the full listing of the display cables Apple offers as spares:

  • LCD V-Sync Cable - 922-9368
  • DisplayPort Cable - 922-9497
  • LCD Temp Sensor Cable - 922-9623

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Is there way to find used LED backlight power cable of broken screen, in some online computer part store?



Sadly, it's not something that they would salvage. It would take some hunting to find a recycler who might put one aside for you.


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