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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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No power, LEDs, or fan how to test power supply


I have this late 2006 20" iMac. It's had many hard drive issues over the years, currently running on drive #3.

Today I was browsing and the machine simply shut off as if someone yanked the power. Prior to this, no issues - no beachballing, no fans going crazy, no video artifacts - nothing unusual at all.

I tried all the normal troubleshooting stuff:

-SMC reset (both ways - the service manual says to hold the button for 10 seconds as the machine is plugged in, Apple's support says to hold it for 5 seconds with the machine unplugged)

-Unplug and let sit for many hours

-Check for USB power to keyboard (caps lock) or mouse (LED) - no power

-reseat RAM, try each stick by itself in each slot

-Open the thing and look for any diag LEDs (the service manual claims it has none other than the normal front panel "throbber"

I would splurge for a new power supply if I could confirm that's the issue, but I surely would not buy a new logic board.

If there's a sure fire way to test the PS, I'm all ears.

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Well does the computer start up at all? (EG fans, HDD spinning, etc.)

Assuming the HDD is connected directly to the PSU and not via the logic board, if it starts up it means its logic board, if it doesn't the PSU is dead.

If you really want to take things apart, take the PC Main line from the PSU (The one that goes straight to the logic board) and short lines 16 and 17 (this is the same as pressing the power button). Make sure another device is plugged into the PSU and if it runs, the PSU is fine.

I do think its the PSU though. (If nothing reacts at all upon pressing the power button, that is)

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Yeah, no fans, no HDD, no backlight, nothing. I believe the HDD is connected to the logic board. This model has no diagnostic LEDs either according to the service manual.

This is a non-standard PS, how are you counting connectors to get to 16+17? Better yet, do you have a pinout for this where I can check voltages? I'd rather check things than short things to start with.

For the time being, I'm building a $421 hackintosh. If I can find a bargain PSU on Ebay for this model, I may try swapping it. Currently the unit is pretty much fully torn down, so I have access to all the guts.


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Here is a link to a source that sells reconditioned power supplies or rebuilds PS. The power supplies listed are G5 but if you read the part # from ifixit some G5 supplies are interchangeable with Intel iMacs. If you are interested I would contact them and see if what you have will work with what they have. They charge $59 to rebuild your unit or $89 for a reconditioned one. Please let us know how this works out if you go with it. Good luck.

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Some updates - I looked at the power supplies at that link, and they are radically different from what I have. This particular intel imac has a simple, bare PCB rather than a unit enclosed in a case.

On the upside, I built a $400 hackintosh to replace it, so the time pressure is off. I will be trawling EBay in the coming weeks to find a reasonably priced PSU. I'll return with results when I have it.

I do wish i could make use of that display - finding a similar resolution IPS monitor for under $300 is tough.


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