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Xperia ZR is the waterproof phone from Sony that lets you film in Full HD underwater.

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Any way to turn on phone without power button?

I ripped the cable connecting the power button and volume buttons. What other way can I check that the phone turns on ?

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Try: connecting the two Power cables that were attached to the button, if not, then try giving each of the power cables a bit of a shock == (Be careful not to short your phone, DO NOT LEAVE THE CURRENT ON FOR MORE THAN about 1 SECOND) ==

Edit 02/02/17

This was an idea because the power button may be jammed and this just sounded like a reasonable answer because when you connect the wires the system gets the signal to start up so try do this see what happens but try it on an old phone

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@kurt_1411 help me lol

Block Image

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LOL uh look at a teardown xD


The wires that used to be attached to the power button, try connecting them as if you were pressing the power button


I need a picture of your whole phone pls


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