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A budget friendly computer laptop that comes equipped with Wi-Fi, webcam with mic, a 500 GB hard drive, and a HDMI port to connect the laptop to a high-definition television or monitor. The AMD A8-6410 Quad Core APU with AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics card along with 4GB memory brings you enough power for most lightweight gaming and working needs.

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My display won't turn on even when computer does, any ideas?

So a few days ago my toshiba laptop (Satellite C55D B5310) crashed and after it tried to reboot it couldn't and it would just show a spinning wheel at the bottom middle of the screen, and now it will start and not display anything, and it won't display if I plug in an HDMI chords, and it won't play any sound (I can't quite remember if I had it on silent or not when it crashed). I took it to my campus tech service and they told me it was a port issue and I don't know what that means. Any ideas or help would be huge! Thanks.

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If it's not working though the screen and the HDMI it sounds like the graphics card has been fried. I don't know how old your laptop is, but if's the one I just found via Google it's probably not economically viable to repair it (new main board).

You should be able to pull the HDD out though and get your data off it, it might even boot if you can find another laptop the same as yours.

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I do not believe it is a port issue. First, try turning on your laptop and press "F8" to enter "Safe mode." If your system loads, click the "Start" button and type "device manager" in the search bar. While in device manager check to see if any drivers are malfunctioning. If this does not work, your operating system (Win7, Win8, or Win10) might be malfunctioning. If you are able to remove your hard drive, do so first to get your files from it. Afterwards, plug your hard drive back in and try reinstalling your operating system. You should have an operating system disk that came with your laptop. If not, you can purchase one online. Hopefully this can help you with your issue.

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