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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Screen dead and getting hot after connecting the battery


i had a very bad luck with my iphone SE which jumped out of my trousers right into the closing doors of my car.

The result of that was slightly bent back side of the phone with no visible damage to the screen or anything other than the back side. The phone seemed to work without any problems so i thought i had more luck than expected after such accident. I tried to bend it back just a bit which quite worked and everything looked fine.

Then after approximately two weeks without any other impact, i took my phone from the pocket, unlocked it, did few touches on the screen and the screen died. The phone looked like it was still working (it was vibrating when moving the vibrate/ring switch), so i tried to reset the phone without any luck (the phone seemed it did the reset but the screen was still not working so i haven't seen it).

Then i tried to charge the phone and it got really hot. So i unplugged it and disassembled it to disconnect the battery and check if the screen cables were attached properly. Everything seemed fine, i have just tried to disconnect and connect all the cables to see if it will make any change.

After assembling the phone, i have turned it on - it started but without the screen working, but it also was getting hot even without being connected to the charger. So i unplugged the battery once again. After a while, i tried to connect it back but i didn't turn the phone on - but it was still getting hot (the source of the heat was somewhere under the place where the screen cables connect).

Last chance - i tried to assemble the phone and connect it to the computer before it started to get really hot - it looks like it wants to communicate with the computer, it also played the charging chime but the phone is locked with the code which i cant enter because the screen is not working so i can't see if the phone itself works.

My first thought was that the screen died - i can still try it with a 5S screen from my wife's phone. But why is it getting hot (from the A9 chip from the placement i guess) even when it's not powered on, only connected to the battery? Can the logic board be damaged, even if it still seems to boot the phone, vibrate, play the charging sound and try to connect to the computer?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Tomas. With the logic board removed, connect just the battery and see if it gets abnormally hot. You could also try to connect just the battery and charge port to see if your computer will recognize the board. Sometimes, due to physical damage, the rear or front camera can be damaged such that it will cause a short or draw excessive current.

Try to eliminate almost everything, hence my earlier recommendation.

If you suspect a logic board issue (as I do), then you are correct, Apple will not repair it. If your SE is under warranty or AppleCare you may get to replace it for a reasonable cost. Otherwise, I suggest you find a micro-soldering repair shop as they may be able to troubleshoot and repair your phone.

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I have connected the battery to the logic board and immediately burned my finger, so the answer is... Well, as expected. My phone is still under warranty, so i will bring the phone to the shop to see what they will tell me, if they say it is beyond repair and not cost-effective, i will try the micro-soldering repair shop and if even they won't be able to help me... Then i will wait what the iphone 8 will look like.

Thank you very much for your answers, at least i tried to see if i can do anything with it.



Try it again but this time tip a can of compressed air upside down and spray the board with the liquid that comes out. Wear gloves since the air has bitterent to stop huffers. You are freezing your board. After it gets nice and frosty, plug the battery back in and take note of what melts the frost first.

My guess is the charging IC was damaged but this will help confirm that. Don't tell anyone else about the canned air trick though. Minho still charges people $50 to do that :D


@joshw yeah, but that's in Canadian dollars, don't Americans refer to that as Monopoly money


What price knowledge and expertise. ;-)


@refectio I'm from Michigan so we call it duck money


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Hey Tomas Kelement,

Short answer: Your phone can still perform certain functions with a damaged logic board.

Longer answer: The fact that your phone is getting hot screams to me that there is a short. That short can be in many different places. If possible, open the phone and take a close look to see if there is any visible damage on the logic board. The fact that the entire phone is bent is a little scary, as bending a circuit board can easily result in a short. Try disconnecting the display assembly and connecting the battery. If the phone STILL gets hot, then you know the display assembly isn't where the short is. I sincerely doubt this will be the case. You can progressively try to pinpoint the issue this way. I think the starting place should be to closely visually inspect the logic board though.

Let us know if you have any luck finding an answer!

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Hello, thank you very much for your advice. I have tried to connect the battery when the display was disconnected and the logic board still got hot. So the display should not be the problem.

I have then removed the logic board and everything looks normal to me. The phone was not bent that much - the logic board has no visible damage and does not look bent at all, but there is not much to see through all the metal plates and i'm afraid to remove them (don't know if it's possible). And i don't even know if i can recognize the problem if there is some...

Can i connect the battery to the logic board that is not connected to anything else to see if it still gets hot? Is there anything else i can do to see if the logic board is damaged? I know it is almost certain it is, otherwise it won't get hot, but i would like to try everything possible before i go to the service, because i already know what their answer will be when they see a bent phone... They will not even give it a try.


Unfortunately I can't say for certain if disconnecting everything and hooking up the battery will give you a "for sure" answer. This being said, if you do this and the logic board still gets hot, I would bet that it is an issue with the logic board itself. Keep us posted!


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