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Repair information for the 4th generation iPad. Released November 2, 2012. Model numbers: A1458, A1459, and A1460.

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iPad stuck in recovery mode after LCD replacement

So after replacing the LCD and power/volume buttons on my iPad 4 my iPad will bootup but default to recovery mode. I have tried all the obvious solutions to fix the problem like the iTunes update route and power button/home button combination route with no success. The screen appears as normal and looks completely fine. I am wondering if anyone has had any similar issues. Could it be a screw I put in the wrong spot, or could I have damaged a small part on the board that I can get fixed? Either way I am hoping for a solution and I greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Some context here: i do not want to restore it because it has too many priceless memories. this is not a recent problem, i did this repair 6 months ago but i am just now losing patience and searching for help. Please!!


Have you tried doing a iTunes restore? Sometimes the iPad just needs to be restored if the update fails with error code -26 for example.


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You mentioned you replaced the power button and volume buttons. It could be that cable is being depressed and something is causing the device to enter recovery mode. Its a pain, but if you can get back into the device and re-seat those cable connections on the logic board that could solve the issue, verify the buttons click freely and aren't spongy at all before trying to replace them again.

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