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Desktops manufactured by Sony.

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My Sony LS20e bios is locked up and will not boot up at all.

forgot/lost bios password so sony pc wont boot up to windows. i tried to remove the ram battery didnt help. also not sure what jumpers are which on the motherboard so i can possibly switchthe

jumpers thus resettting the<Help??????????????

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This from the manual for your computer:"

-on passwordIf you forget the power-on password and need assistance to reset it a password reset fee will be charged and your computer may need to be send in for depot service for password reset" WOW they are serious about their passwords. The manual is available at

Pulling out the battery is CMOS/RTC battery is usually the only way though. If you attempt to pull the RTC battery, make sure that you have all other sources of power disconnected (AC power and notebook battery). Keep the RTC battery out for about 30 minutes before reassembling the laptop. The result should be that he BIOS has been reset to the defaults settings, which includes no password protection.

The only othr way that I can think of right now is to go here and try this software It worked for me on a few occasions ..... good luck and let us know how it is going.

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About the BIOS in computer, I find another article about it, I think it is helpful and last week I find out my BIOS password with the help of it. You can get more details in this page:

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