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Apple iPhone 5s, 10 Eylül 2013 tarihinde duyuruldu. Bu cihazın tamiri, daha önceki modellerinkiyle benzerdir; tornavida ve plastik açma araçları gerekir. GSM ya da CDMA olarak, 16, 32, 64 GB kapasiteli Gümüş, Altın ve Uzay Grisi renklerinde mevcuttur.

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The display loses sensitivity, sometimes goes blank.

iPhone 5s.

The display (and apparently to phone) does not work unless the upper left corner is depressed (pinched between thumb and finger), when depressed it moves noticeably, about 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch. If it is held depressed, display and touch sensitivity seem to work fine.

Opened the phone, found a screw that was not in its place, and one that was loose (I tightened it). The loose one was in the area of the upper left in the screen assembly.

I could not find where the displaced screw is supposed to be.

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Sounds to me like you need a new display. It should work fine, upright or closed. Sounds to me like the cable is the issue. I would try to get that display exchanged from where you got it.

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Thanks for the quick answer. The display is a replacement from ifixit.

Not sure what you mean by upright or closed, but have considered a new display. However, not sure that is the issue, especially with the loose screw rattling around, for which I have found no place missing a screw ( I have not completely disassembled the phone, just opened it leaving the display cables attached.)

There is a spring contact in the upper left corner that makes a connection between the screen assy and the m-board (I assume). I don' t know it's specific function, but given its location precisely where the "pinching" together of the case has to happen, it appears possible that the pinch would secure that connection, and so I wonder if there a fault related to that contact that needs remedy.


The spring contact I am referring to is attached to the LCD shield plate. I also note now that the 2.7mm screw securing that corner of the shield is missing (the loose screw already mentioned is more like a 1.2mm). So, another anomaly in the upper left corner of the assembled phone.


Spring contact? You mean this?



that doesn't look like anything in my iPhone 5s.


Sorry. Got the phone wrong. Totally my fault. I'll snap a shot tomorrow, and see if we can get this sorted for you


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