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Rear Camera Making Buzzing Noise


My friend asked me to fix his sons iphone 6 plus after the screen got damaged and also the back case was slightly distorted. I have done many iphone repairs before this one.

I replaced the back case, obviously an extensive repair, as almost every component has to be moved. Also replace screen.

Upon testing the phone i came across an issue with the rear camera making a crackling noise and unable to focus. The noise sounds like the lens is constantly trying to focus. Also noticed a slight heat issue coming from the part on the back case were the cam sits.

Im not sure if this was a pre-existing issue and if not then what could i have done to have caused this.

Many Thanks for your replies

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Thanks Minho. I could not test the phone as the screen was completley unresponsive but take on board for future reference.

Relating to my issue, would you reccomend a straight replacement for the camera or is there anything i could do to resolve it?


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The phone had a cracked screen and physically damaged housing suffered because of an impact...I don't think you did anything wrong. The camera was probably damaged during the impact. It's always a good idea to test all functional elements of the phone (when possible) prior to repair, otherwise you will have these kinds of situations.

You should also tell your friend that an iPhone 6+ is very susceptible to Touch Disease, especially if it suffered a bent housing. You can google it or click on my profile for a link to a blog post I wrote that has more details. You don't want him coming back in the future blaming you for it.

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