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500 series DSLR camera developed by Nikon. Released in February, 2011.

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Camera won't turn on

My camera wont turn on. I already read the troubleshooting page. When I charge it it blinks red. It doesn't matter how long i charge it. I have purchased a new charger and a new battery. Nothing.

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Samantha Bazant , Look into the charge port with a flashlight, look for dust/lint/etc. and blow the port out or very carefully pick it out. Also look for any damaged terminals if you see one bent very carefully straighten it with a tooth pick. Also remove the battery and clean the camera's battery contacts with a pen with eraser on the end or a long Qtip dampened with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol (pen eraser's have a little more grit to them and polish up terminals well), blow out dust, debri, etc. when done cleaning, insert battery and try.

Still not charging correctly, wiggle the end of cable to see if the camera charge port is loose, not if light flashes, etc. If port is found to be loose/bad, this is really not a repair for the inexperienced because the charge port for your device is soldered to the mother board and the heat generated could cause further damage if not very careful. I will post a link to a tear down guide to get you inside the camera to check the charge port if need be and will also post a link showing what is involved in repairing a mini USB attached to the a motherboard,(not your device, just an example). Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Nikon COOLPIX P500 Motherboard Replacement

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I looked inside my battery port slot with a flashlight. Didn’t see any dirt. I swabbed inside with cotton dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol, paying most attention to gold contact leads. Also cleaned gold terminal leads of battery. And to be sure battery was charged properly, used multimeter. It read 3.74 volts. Fully charged. Blew inside battery cavity to make sure any droplets of water evaporated away. Loaded battery, shut door and … the darn camera fired right up on first try. Perhaps slight buildup of dirt over the 5 years of using this was the problem. But DON’T GO BY CAMERA SAYING LOW BATTERY! That is a false reading, obviously, as my battery was perfectly charged. Hope this helps you guys.

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All of the answers I read about this subject did not pan out for me.

Since I had my P500 for some 5 years already, I figured the reason for the Power Button not starting up the camera would more than likely be a mechanical issue. And not something to do with faulty chargers or batteries. I was 100% correct about this. Through extensive experiementation, I found the square battery was not fully seating itself in the slot at the bottom of the camera due to weakened springs which likely stretched out over the hundreds of times I inserted these batteries. While pressing against the bottom of the battery and the Start Button simultaneously, I noticed the camera went on. Soon as I released pressure on the battery, the camera shut off. Thus, there was not enough pressure on the square battery to press against the gold contacts at the bottom of this cavity. So how did I fix this problem?

Simple: I cut and folded a small strip of index card about 4 pieces thick and carefully placed this between the graphics card and battery but under the battery latch. It will be a very tight fit as you hold this lid down while sliding the locking mechanism closed. But at least now my camera goes on and off without fail. MAYBE SOME ENGINEERS AT NIKON SHOULD ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM BOTH WITH EXISTING AND FUTURE UNITS! I sure hope this helps you guys out as I spent countless hours trying other methods out there until I stumbled upon this solution. Happy holidays!

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