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The Nokia N8 is the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and Nokia's flagship device of 2010.

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Amoled display doesnt turn off

Sometimes upon locking the device, the display doesnt go off for hours. I mean the wallpapaper remains lit up with the keypad-lock icon on the top right. None of the buttons work as the keypad is locked but the display remains on....

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Thats new... Most of the time people complain about their screens not turning on.


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After some googling, I found this discussion over at Howard Forums, the general consensus is that the AMOLED uses so little battery, why not keep it on? Also, to disable it, you set the screensaver to "None".

Good luck!

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Thanx but that is not the issue that I am talking about over here. Amoled displays consume a lot less power than LCDs. LCDs produce the texture of the image but has no light of its own. AMOLED is Active Matrix Organic LEDs, which light up themselves producing more vivid colors and darker Blacks. Using this technology pixels can be switched on/ off and you can switch on only the pixels that you want and keep the others off (Unlike the LCD where the pixels are blacked out but they are still ON). This is a great help when it comes to Power Consumption. My problem is: My phone stays lit up on the Wallpaper screen with the apps even if I lock the device. Normally, the device should lock out displaying the clock. But that doesnt happen here. I see the lock icon on the top right but the screen remains lit up. Fiddling with the phone when it is booting up causes such wierd problems. However you if you switch it on and not touch it till the phone boots up and locks itself out, the phone would work without a flaw...


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