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MacBook Pro won't startup after hard drive install (or new battery).

15" Macbook Pro A1260. I friend recently gave me a Macbook Pro he had discontinued using: no hard drive; battery or power supply.

I picked up a power supply and verified that it would start up.

I placed a 256gb ssd drive in (loose, no screws or bushing and a little foam underneath to limit movement). It worked fine to do an install of 10.6 until the screws arrived.

The battery arrived a few days later. It charged just fine (still waiting for the screws and bushings).

At this point the machine starts fine and runs off the new battery, fresh install of 10.6. It sits on top a book shelf waiting for the screws to secure the hard drive.

The screws arrive. I install the drive screws to the drive connect the sata connector -no problem (yes I disconnected the battery and power supply).

I put the battery back in and connect the power supply.

I press the startup and no chime; slight sound of the optical drive; and the light on the lid latch goes bright and then back to dimm.

I have since replaced the pram battery. no difference.

The only other thing is the Mac was missing the 2 center keyboard screws. I used two from a parks black Macbook I have.

The charging system still functions, battery shows a full charge.

I'm hoping the dimming light on the latch gives someone a clue. Help!

I'm searching for a service manual to go through the troubleshooting procedure.

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You may have put in the wrong length screws! Pull them out of the keyboard to see if that fixes things. These screws are very shallow.

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I removed the screws and no change. Thinking that I was shorting something by having the screws in place I remove the keyboard cover leaving the keyboard cable. No change in startup.

I did find a service manual. I am not seeing any clear cause.

Thank you for the reply.


Not good ;-{ You may have damaged something when you tightened the screw down if it was long or the system was struggling before you got it. This series had issues with the GPU & PCH chips.


The screws were not long but that doesn't mean much. I'm not sure what you mean by struggling? I know this computer has since a lot of use. I was a photographers shooting computer. Those screws were removed when I received it.

Any chance taking the board out and letting it set. Then put it back together (without the screws) would have any luck?


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