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A clothing iron, also called a flatiron, is a heated surface used to remove wrinkles from fabric.

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Does anybody know how to disassamble Philips iron perfectcare GC9220?

The service manual says that you have to disassamble the TRAY MOLDED after removing the 2 screws under the TRAY RUBBER CAPS.

But I have 3 screws (only under 1 rubber cap has no screw) and I'm not able to disassamble or not even to move the try molded for a millimeter.

Who can help?

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@hschneider, Helge, Service manual link below on page 4 shows exploded view, which may help. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thanks for your answer. But how you can read in my question, I have already read the service manual.


is it on page 7, shows 4 caps to remove, if all screws out use a screw driver to pry up at the front of cover to dislodge then slide foreword to remove. It may be possible that part 52 front bracket assy. may have to be removed if the tray/cover does not want to pry up and out. Good luck.


I have solved the problem.

Even after removing the screws you are not able to dissasamble the Tray Molded. Also you can't slide the tray molded forward.

You have to insert a screw driver carefully at the side of the Try Molded and lift it up. Then the same on the other side. Thanks for your help.


@hschneider, Helge, That is great you got it, thanks for posting back. Good luck with your iron.


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