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Black screen with grey Stripes!

My phone all of a sudden started to show this screen in the pic! I tried to reset the device but it didn't help!

Does anybody have an idea about what is going on ??

Update: Screen was replaced but I still have the same issue!!

Block Image

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@dasan is right. Something caused this to happen. Phones don't break all by themselves. It technically can happen, but this would not be the result. If the display connectors aren't placed properly I could see this happening, also this looks like damage to the display. I would recommend reseating the connections using this guide

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If that doesn't take, I would recommend using this display, you could save some loot, buying it somewheres else, but you'll likely yield bad results. Part doesn't work, then how to exchange? You can't

iPhone 6 Screen

@dasan. This is not personal. I'm trying to reward you. Learn English better, yes you're right we should be learning your language better. But, I'm sorry, that will never happen. Why I can't say. Thank you for helping. You sound like a good repair technician. Keep helping here! Please! We would love to have you helping in the community! Together we are strong! I know you have information we don't. This site is for sharing information and fixing answers, so we can help! It is a thankless job, which I'm working on that part

Man, I'm just tryin to have a scotch and check my order status...

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iPhone 6 Screen


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So your telling my english is bad ok no issues i can correct it


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Can you tell me the device had fall? try to refixed the display once, if not it is fallen then the display is got damaged inside and needed to replace.

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No it didn't fall! I was just using the device and suddenly the screen was frozen ! I tried to reset with power and home button but it didn't work!


Ok pls check with new display fixing and try this faulty display in other iphone 6 device and let me know


I did !! still have the same problem!


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