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Released in 2014, identified by 11.6 inch screen, 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen laptop. Model number 11t-n000.

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Why is my touch screen not working

how can I get my touch screen working again,...I can't use it as a touch screen

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I format the laptop and the touch screen is not working again


Hi @kinder ,

Did you check the answer in the link provided in the Chosen Solution below? You didn't say whether you had or not.


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Check in Device Manager that the touchscreen is shown as working properly and is not either disabled or if there is a problem with the drivers for the hardware.

Here is a link to an answer I have given previously which has helped people solve their HP Pavillion 11 x360 Touchscreen problems. Scroll down and check what to do as shown in the Most Helpful Answer box, including what is shown under the update, dated 30/09/2016.

How to reinstall touch screen driver? My touch screen stopped working..

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