My Sirius stiletto 100 won't play in my vehicle

I have a Sirius Stiletto 100 and so does my wife, Hers works at home and in her car. Mine works at home but not in my vehicle. Both radio receivers are activated. Mine shows "no antenna detected" message while connected with the vehicle antenna placed over the roof of my car. I have changed all of my radio receiver setting exactly as my wife's but no luck. My receiver works perfectly at home when I connect my Sirius satellite headphones it catches all active channels, (at home), just like my wife's. Mine not even recognizes my vehicle's FM radio signal. I connected my wife's radio receiver with her car dock and my car dock in my car and it works, catches my car's FM signal and we can hear all 184 activated satellite channels, connected my radio receiver with my car dock and with her car dock in her vehicle and same problem. "no antenna detected" message also appears, pressed The FM switch on hers and my dock into her car and both docks won't recognize the car's FM signal with my radio receiver. I'm writing here as the last resort hoping someone has experienced the same problem and perhaps know how to resolve this mystery. We have tried everything at our disposal.

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