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The current line of iPod Touch comprises six (6) different generations.

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stuck on plug in itunes screen

stuck on the screen where it shows usb plugging into a cd that says itunes

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Did you plug it into a computer with iTunes and still was stuck?


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Try to put it in DFU mode:

-Power and Home button for 10 seconds (exactly)

-Release the power button until it's seen by the computer

See if that works but remember that his will erase (restore) anything on there. By the way, Restore IS NOT the same as DFU, thought the outcome is the same (restored iPod), restore mode is a simple way to 'reset' the iPod; DFU redoes the iPod, meaning all software is erased then written over

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You could try this first. Follow these steps to get it of the connect to itunes screen unfortunately this will reboot your ipod but it will help

-connect your ipod to itunes

-hold down the sleep button & home button

-wait until it turns off then on again then let go of the sleep button but keep holding down the home button

-then restore your ipod


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