My Light Button will not turn the oven Range lights off

My Kenmore Microwave Hood Combination light burned out, there are two, the right one burned out when I came out in the morning and turned the lights on. We turn them off at night. When the bulb went out it also caused the "Control Light" button to stop working as a result I can't turn the light back off. The left light is still working and it's on the High setting and I am not crazy about having it on all day and night. What happened?

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What is the model number of the microwave/hood combo?


GE JVM1870sk03

Sr #VL904132B

light turns on automatically but turns off both lights in both modes (bright and low) manually by switch.


Well it must be ghosts if you are also experiencing the following in **your** home...... or are you just experiencing these problems in your repair shop?

My microwave light turns on automatically every night at 9:30 pm,,


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