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Why wont my phone turn on?

My I phone 6 has been putt away since i brought a 7 and i want to get it back out,

i have tried charging it for ridiculous hours and plugging it into my computer but i still cant get it to turn on.

When i plug it in the screen brings up the low battery logo, it then brings up the apple logo and turns off again.

If you have the lights off you can see the phone tries to turn on a glows a navy type colour.

I took it to the phone repair man to see if it was the battery and it did the same thing with a new battery in it.

please help

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I'm sure the repair man had the knowledge but just a thought, was the new battery that you tried a brand new out of the box battery or one that he knew was good? A new out of box should be charged before it gets used or it may not be charged in itself because I'm sure most batteries recommend to charge before the first use.


Did this iPhone have any damage before you put it away ?


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Don't worry I have had the same problem. The only problem with this is that you will have to erase all the data and if this doesn't work it's something else. what has happened is that the boot up function has crashed so you have to reinstall the software. You must have a computer that has iTunes. If you don't have it on your computer install it then launch the application and sign into iTunes. With iTunes still open plug the iPhone into the computer hold down the power (sleep) and the home button down until it connects to the computer and enters restore mode (The iTune symbol should show up onto the display of the iPhone). After you plug in the iPhone it may require an update if so update it and restore the iPhone this should be an option in the restore mode menu. After that you need to let the iPhone restore. After the process is complete re setup the iPhone and it should work correctly if not, comment on this post saying it didn't work

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When i plug it into itunes it gives me the option to restore and download the new software, I accept and the phone doesn't stay booted long enough for itunes to complete the action.


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I would suggest trying to unplug the power button flex from the circuit board and plugging in the charger and see if it will come on then, if that doesn't work try a new battery, charging port, screen and if all else fails plug it into iTunes and put it in DFU mode and do a restore. you will lose all info.

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