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Why is the screen replacement I installed giving a black screen?

One of my buddies asked me to fix his iphone 6s screen. It was shattered and the phone wouldn't turn on. I replaced the screen and digitizer and now the phone will make sounds, connect to itunes, but the screen is all black. It will occasionally flash on and i can see the normal home screen for a split second. Any idea what causes this? is it the screen i ordered?

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Hi again just hope its not the back light that's blown as Minho states that is a specialist item repair, here in Spain would be in the region of 100 to 120 Euros


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I suspect that you have blown the backlight circuit on your logic board. The iPhone 6S has a well known weakness in that regard. Forgetting to disconnect the battery before removing or installing the LCD will blow the backlight filter and sometimes even more.

This requires a micro-soldering repair and it is not a DIY repair.

By all means, follow Neil's suggestions (hopefully it is just a connection problem) but if that doesn't work, then you will need to find a repair shop that does micro-soldering repairs.

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Hi jared page

Open the phone disconnect battery keep screws separated make sure you replace them in the correct positions.

Remove the ribbon cable cover for the LCD again make sure the screws are returned to their respective positions when assembled.

Remove all micro connectors and inspect with magnifier both connector and connections clean with tooth brush or similar

Reconnect and replace all items test again.

Hope this assists


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