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The EOS 5D is a 12.8-megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera body produced by Canon. Released Q4 2005.

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My camera won't turn on?

I've changed the batteries, have both of them fully charged. Changed lenses, changed CF cards and still no luck. No corrosion or any sort.

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Is the battery original brand? If not, switch to an original battery. Also check the batterydoor and CFdoor switches.


I agree w/ above the switch is first to check then fuse on the top board on the left, I think 5D has only one, others have many but most likely you may need to check voltages coming out from the power board. It's a vertically residing small board on the right from the lens if remember correctly, looking at camera from the front.

The part number: Canon 5D MARK I 5D1 Camera DC PCB Power Board #7418 z65 b131 I think.


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I use the camera canon for photography

Because I'm always traveling

But my camera lens is not working well

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You may want to check and replace a fuse on 5D power board (top board on the right size). That fuse could be one of the reasons.

There is a video published on youtube except that it’s for 5D Mk2 and the diff is that power board of MkII has many fuses but 5D classic has only one and no need to remove power board to replace that fuse.

The only hope that there are no other issues behind as fuses don’t burn without the reason otherwise it’ll be a longer story.

The fuse type is Littelfuse SMD SMT 0603 Fast Acting Fuse 1.5A 32V 046701.5 or simply ”Littelfuse 0603 Type K” where K stands for 1.5A. And make sure you have basic micro soldering skills otherwise would be cheaper to ask for someone’s help..

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