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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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How I can release an iPod touch from his apple id?

Hello! I found an ipod touch and I do not know your apple ID, how can I get rid of it? Or wrap it? Any help is welcome... Thanks!

Seriously, I found it lying on the floor and I do not want to sell it as junk or throw it away

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If you dont care about the data, connect it to your computer, open itunes and hit restore. That will restore it and hopefully remove whatever is causing this. If it doesnt, your screwed and theres nothing to do

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I already reestablished the ipod with itunes, but keep asking me for the apple id which I do not know ...

Aproposito "you are screwed" I already knew hahaha I'm just looking for a solution that is not to discard the device


Well it sort of is useless in this day and age. If its icloud locked, your sort of screwed. Best bet is to contact apple and try to get it back to its owner as that will make them happy. Better than tossing it


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Just sign out of 'his' apple ID account. But, your first objective is to find a way to charge it. Once you've got that covered, just go to settings>general>reset>then press 'reset all settings. If that doesn't work, call apple care and tell them that you want to reset your device. They will help you out.

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The apple account is already closed, it asks me to enter user and password to start the ipod...


If it is asking for the Apple ID and Password then it is activation locked. If you don't know who the previous owner is then there is really nothing you can do.


Ohh.... that's really sad. Then just take it to a phone hacking store ( yes, they do exist ) then reset the ipod.


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